How can we help you in securing your dream course and ideal study destination?

 Effective Course and University Selection 

  • Tailored to YOU, the student:  We provide students with university and college options according to their personal preference, academic transcript,and budgets. At RGES, our Consultants help students identify their professional goals and provide personal guidance with course selection.
  • Wide choice of countries, courses and institutions: We represent high quality institutions in various countries. Thus, students have a wide variety of courses from choose from. 

Admission Guidance

  • Personalised guidance by professional consultants:  Our Consultants will assist students with the entire admission process. They assess student applications, paying particular attention to references and personal statements. Regular follow-ups with post-secondary institutions allow for positive and timely responses.
    • Application submissions
    • Offer acceptance 
    • Tuition fee payment  

Visa Consultation & Applications

  • Student Visa:  Different countries have different visa requirements for studying abroad. We will liaise with the respective institutes for the details.
  • Visa Consultation: Visa application can be a daunting task. Many candidates lack the information necessary, which leads to the refusal of visa applications. RGES Consultants have years of experience with visa applications. Each client is guided and provided assistance with documentation, filling application forms, preparing financial statements, and interview preparation.

Travel Arrangements

  • Pre-departure Orientation:  RGES offers country-specific pre-departure training sessions that covers cultural awareness and settlement strategies. These training sessions provide students with the confidence needed to study abroad. 
  • Travel Neccesities: We take care of our students's medical insurance, and other travel requirements.
  • Airport Pick-up: RGES arranges airport pick-up services. Our overseas student ambassadors greet our clients at the airport and provide a drop-off service.

Continuous Support

  • We will provide guidance before , during as well as after completion of studies.